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In general it is always better to date a properly identified single entity such as a cereal grain or an identified bone rather than a mixture of unidentified organic remains.

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The radiocarbon formed in the upper atmosphere is mostly in the form of carbon dioxide. This is taken up by plants through photosynthesis.

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Because the carbon present in a plant comes from the atmosphere in this way, the radio of radiocarbon to stable carbon in the plant is virtually the same as that in the atmosphere. Plant eating animals herbivores and omnivores get their carbon by eating plants. All animals in the food chain, including carnivores, get their carbon indirectly from plant material, even if it is by eating animals which themselves eat plants.

The net effect of this is that all living organisms have the same radiocarbon to stable carbon ratio as the atmosphere. Once an organism dies the carbon is no longer replaced.

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Because the radiocarbon is radioactive, it will slowly decay away. Obviously there will usually be a loss of stable carbon too but the proportion of radiocarbon to stable carbon will reduce according to the exponential decay law:.

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