Chinese matchmaking ceremony

Two years ago, a cross-border matchmaker introduced a year-old Vietnamese woman called Le Hong Duyen to Sichuan migrant worker Chen Tao. Nine months later, Le married Chen and moved to Guangdong province where she started a matchmaking service, introducing Vietnamese women to Chinese men.

Consanguineous Marriage

Chen Shiqu, who is in charge of tackling human trafficking for the Ministry of Public Security, on Monday confirmed with The Beijing Times that China forbade the establishment of marriage agencies involving foreigners. He added that no one is allowed to engage in fraudulent or profit-making matchmaking activities involving foreigners. Le tries to get around this by declaring on her website that her service is personal and the Vietnamese women listed on the site are friends and relatives. The agency, which was established in , now has branches in Hong Kong, Guangdong, Shanghai and Vietnam.

According to a member of staff at Honest Asian Brides Network, who declined to be named, the most expensive brides are from Indonesia and cost 60, yuan. A Cambodian bride can cost up to 57, yuan. But if the client is looking for a virgin, an extra 10, yuan is added to the service fee.

Chinese marriage

There are few specific requirements for men other than that they are kind, honest and employed, which is not much compared to the requirements of many young Chinese women these days. If both sides are satisfied, a wedding ceremony is held in Vietnam within a few days and the legal documents are prepared for the bride when she gets to China. This woman will help bride-to-be to do the hair and put the comb in her hair. She cannot remove this red cape until she reached the wedding chamber.

Ancient Chinese Marriage Customs

A servant would shield the bride with a red umbrella while the others would throw rice. This is because Chinese people believe that it is respectful for the children to go meet the parents. Upon arrival, they will set off firecrackers again for the same reason. Then they will bow to the heaven, the earth and each other to tie the knot. Finally, they are officially husband and wife, and they will go to the wedding chamber.

Ancient Chinese Marriage Customs - China Highlights

Then she would be officially introduced to all the relatives by serving tea to the elder ones. And she will receive either red envelope money or jewelry for that. This is just the standard procedure for the ancient Chinese weddings. Of course, there will be some differences between different regions and clans. Luckily, the Chinese nowadays is not that strict at all. There are still some parents would try to secretly arrange blind dating for their children. Matchmaking is still a booming industry in China for those who cannot find a lover themselves.

Some Chinese people would try to preserve the ancient Chinese wedding traditions on their wedding. But they will try to simplify it because it is very costly if you follow the real procedure. Out of all the traditions, the fun and interesting one would be the modern twist of the Chinese wedding gate crashing games. The game can be as silly as drinking up the ketchup mixed with green chilies and wasabi to transferring the food mouth to mouth between groomsmen.

Before the final step, the bridesmaids would ask the groom some questions about the bride to test how much he knows about her. The questions can be varied from their first date to asking the groom to choose the correct lip mark of the bride. If he gives the wrong answer, he will get punishment. If not, the punishments will be worse. The amount has to be big enough to satisfy all of them.

The basic terms are the promise to love her, help her with the housework and to give all the salary to her. Of course, these are just for fun. Others like hanging the double happiness symbol in the house, placing the dragon and phoenix candle in bedroom and dragon and phoenix couplet on the front door, both meaning having good relations between the newlyweds.

How to GET MARRIED in Ancient China

Also unsurprisingly, prepare lots of fireworks to scare the evil spirits away. When it is done, children were invited onto the bed as an omen of fertility. For the same reason, the bed was scattered with red dates, peanuts, longan and lotus seeds. In the past, Chinese wedding dresses were mainly Zhongshan suit or Mao suit for the groom and Qipao for the bride. The main color would be red and the dresses would be decorated with embroidered dragons and phoenix or peony flowers for wealthy wishes.

Bride should wear phoenix coronet and robes of rank, new red shoes and a red covering veil. Groom should wear a big red flower made by a nice piece of silk in front of his chest. Since Chiang Kai Shek and his wife got married wearing a western style wedding dress in s, the westerns wedding dress gained popular gradually in China.

Today many Chinese brides choose three dresses on the wedding ceremony. Below is a detailed picture showing the evolutions of Chinese wedding dresses over the years since the end of 18th century. On the wedding day, the groom will set out to the bride's home in the morning and will inevitably get blocked at her door by her families and friends. The bridesmaids will play door game with the groom and his attendants.

Though this basic process sounds simple, there are many traditional Chinese wedding rituals you should know as noted below.

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In the wedding morning, after the bride has dressed up, a close un-married younger sister of her has to use a five-colored string to post a cross in front of her face. This is a symbol of making her prettier and refreshing up for a new life journey. When the bride is waiting for the groom to come, she should sit on her bed with two embroidered quilts beneath her. For the wish of a harmony marriage and a wealthy life, one quilt is embroidered with dragon and phoenix, the other with cute babies. This is mainly about taking their beloved bride away is not an easy mission and will teach the groom to treasure her in future.

After the groom found her shoes and wear it for her, he should carry her to his car avoiding her feet touching ground. This is about avoiding bad luck. All those processes should be completed before the wedding reception as the reception is set to start at an auspicious time punctually.

Primitive Group Marriage

The Chinese wedding reception is more like a banquet than reception as it can be a lavish affair lasting two hours. Invited guests should present their contribution to attendants at the entrance of the wedding hall. How much should I contribute for a Chinese Wedding? The number goes from to CNY according to how close you are to them. Then the groom and bride will be invited on stage.