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Twins - Sqaishey Quack. Story Mode Episodes Ni no Kuni: Stampy is very passionate about gaming, best demonstrated by his long discussions with Squid in the Magic Animal Club podcast. He also laughs "like a goon", has a long nose, and wild curly hair.

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He pronounces the word 'cocoa' like 'coqua'. In Episode 2 of Quest, Squid proves to him that it's actually pronounced 'coco'. But by Episode 10, he's gone back to calling it 'coqua'. Is called a variety of nicknames see only known by their nickname and also calls Squid Squidoodly or Squidnugget. He also calls the Minecraft mobs 'googlies', while Sqaishey calls them 'meanie beanies'.

His Minecraft skin is a cat and he pretends to be one. He also has a lot of Minecraft dogs. His favorite animal is actually a giraffe.

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Thinks this about his own laugh, though most of his fans don't mind at all, and some think it makes him more Adorkable. I know I've been unbelievably distracted this episode. Ohhhh, I can't look! I can't look, it makes me feel sick when it's not perfect! It's just not right. Since this file deserves its own page, troper Aqua Eclipse made one here. Unmarked episodes are part of the main series.

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Stampy references this by shouting "They're inside the vents! All of the Other Reindeer: Stampy sees and enderman in the sheep pen, and says that he's a feral enderman who was raised by sheep, but was always excluded because he was different, but now the sheep have accepted him and he's finally happy.

Squid is supposed to be, well, a squid , but has all the limitations and abilities of a normal Minecraft player. This means that he can walk on land, breathe air and use items with no problems, but he can't breathe underwater and swims at a normal speed. This is occasionally lampshaded, with either Squid or Stampy wondering how a squid can drown. In episode 10, Stampy and Squid have a Running Gag where they 'sniff out diamond potential'. Near the end of the episode, after failing miserably to find any diamonds, they find a promising lava lake.

I'll tell you what though, Squid.

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Stampylongnose and Sqaishey Quack dating proof

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